Oct 20, 2016

A true story of 'Chai wala' and 'Wheelchair wala'

Hello friends, As you all can see one of our brother 'Chai wala' is on trending these days. I want to share "Wheelchair wala's" story with you guys.

My name is Naveed, i met an accident back in 2008, which left me a chest down paralyzed person. Its been 8 years since i'm a 'Wheelchair wala' guy. It was hard in the beginning, as this 'Wheelchair wala' don't have a brother. At the time of accident my lungs got collapse. I was having a tracheostomy tube inserted in between my collar. Because of that tube I wasn't unable to speak for the first year. As my injury level is high, i often have urine infection and bed sore issues.

This 'Wheelchair wala' is a freelance web designer. He have learnt CSS, PHP and JavaScript by surfing the internet. I have no control over my fingers, but i often type 4 to 5000 lines of coding to complete a theme. I have published 60 templates for blogs, e-commerce, video blogs and portal style themes. My effort can be seen at bloggertheme9.com

I have tried to reach Mashable, CNN, TheHuffington, BBC, Businessinsider, Dawn, TheTelegraph and DailyMail. Some refused to write about me and other didn't even responded. I am very happy to see our 'Chai wala' brother on all these big blogs. I wish and pray for his success and bright future. I guess there was nothing worth sharing in this Wheelchair wala's story.

Jun 1, 2016

Abdullah Ilahi Youngest Entrepreneur from Chicago Passed Away

Abdullah Ilahi started his business in 2014, with a fleet of six Tesla Model S vehicles, with a range of services including airport drop-off and pick-up, corporate chauffeurs and special events. The initial launch was so popular, that their website server crashed due to high demand.

The Teslas in the EmotionChicago.com fleet are distinctive as they were ordered with both a black exterior and interior. Owner Abdullah Illahi said that an additional six vehicles was ordered after 6 months with the first scheduled to arrive within the six month.
The Chicago-based company promises to deliver a Tesla Model S to renters and allow renters, when done, to leave the cars in any legal parking spot anywhere within a 50-mile radius of Chicago. When they’re finished, drivers leave the keys in the car. The company locks the car remotely via an app before picking it up. Its chauffeur service promises no standby fees or surcharges - but plenty of pampering.
"That makes this service the only zero-emission car rental and chauffeur service in Chicago" Ilahi said.
EmotionChicago rentals are $35 per hour for a three-hour minimum and $400 per day, or $250 per day if the customer rents for at least three days. They came up with the new benchmark for true LUXURY in Dec 2015. Helicopter rentals are $1,500/hour for Eagle One and $2,750/hour for Big Bird.

His last status on facebook was for his younger brother Saad Ilahi.
"Sleepless nights and grueling work hours. There's something that always makes me want to step up my game. That something is knowing that I've got blood watching me when my back is turned. I am where I am today, and where I'm going because I know you're right there next to me. You will be bigger than me. You will be more successful than me, because I'm going to make sure of it iA. Ameen."

We are saddened to learn that Abdullah Ilahi passed away in a motorcycle accident on 21st April 2016. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen

Dec 3, 2015

2016 New Year Greetings in Cordial Pattern Design

2016 greeting wallpaper
Hello Visitors, countdown is gonna begin in less than a month. Cool breezes are already spreading everywhere. This cozy feeling even delayed me from publishing this New year post. New year is celebrated differently in different places. Long drives is always apart of any fun occasion, even if someone is planning for a picnic they will surely be going on their cars.

new year pics

Happy New Year 2016 greetings

New year 2016 should be the best day in which everyone should move on in their lives after forgiving all the people, who have done anything wrong to you and by accepting your mistakes too. let us pray that it will be a year with New Peace, Happiness and abundance of new friends, God bless us through out the New Year. Old is gone and new is here, forget your sorrows and your tear, Wish you a very very very Happy New Year.

firework on new year 2016

New year greeting wallpapers

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Nov 25, 2015

Merry Christmas wishes Wallpapers on the Peak of 2016

merry Christmas wallpapers

Merry christmas everyone! Guess we are on which period of the year? Yeah! November is on its end now and December is gonna begin in couple of days. Cool breezes and cosy feelings for not to leave our blankets. Its like icing on the cake to have snow on Christmas day. I've searching for

Christmas wallpaper gallery

from a week. When it comes to design of Christmas cards its not even slightly negotiable to pick some un neat image.

christmas wishing gift

Merry Christmas Greeting Wallpapers Den

Get ready to fire your bricks or to bbq your yummilicious turkey. I can see the lighting in central London street. Hang on and wait for your Christmas sleigh , we wish you best of Merry Christmas. Do greet your friends by sharing these Christmas wallpapers.

merry christmas wishes

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Nov 20, 2015

3D Plus Cute Funny Wallpapers to Chuckle

funny cute cartoon wallpaper
Welcome to Enikz web friends, We've decided to share wallpaper related posts on this blog. We're sorry for the delayed post, as you all know that Bt9 is consuming enough of the time. We've picked some innocent cute in shape funny pictures. Thanks to many of those freelance photoshop designers who designed these humorous collection of wallpapers. Keep a thing in mind that a professional designer will always chose some neat and clean design wallpapers. We could find any preferred nature to write on, so we picked funny wallpapers to bring a smile on your face. If you've some pictures to share please post in comment area. After humorous pictures we will try to publish on greeting cards.
3d funny emotion wallpaper

Innocent looking Funny Wallpapers to cheer

funny fish aquarium

funny pink face wallpaper

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