12 Most Beautiful Birds in HD Wallpapers - List of Different Posing Colorful Birds

Nature has gifted us with countless blessings. To enjoy life to it's fullest we travel different places in the world. Beauty of nature is far beyond our imagination. God has made birds an innocent yet attractive creature. I was continuously receiving visitors request to upload the HD images of most beautiful birds in the world. Even we are passionate to keep birds as a pet in our houses. Birds are one of the beautiful yet sensitive creature God has made. Their vibrant colors compels the viewer to keep looking at them. Specially their musical sounds attract us more to catch them in our hands. They are the only creature that don't harm us in anyway. More than thousands of bird breeds can be found all over the world. Every bird posses different attractive looks and pleasant sound. They increase the beauty of nature in their own way which sometime is unforgettable. Wallpaper66 has finally came up with some of the most beautiful and colorful HD bird pictures from different sources. List of best example of birds photography around the world.
   Pointed beak Humming Bird picture

  source - Wood Duck Nature's beauty with red and colorful features

   source - Red Northern Cardinal with beautiful crown over it's head

   source - Golden Pheasant simply amazing creature

    source - Tiny Kingfisher sitting on a stalk

    source - King of birds Australian Parrot with beautiful color

   Cute black and white Atlantic Puffins found in cold season

Painted Bunting another example of nature's beauty

     source - Red and white Flamingo with long neck

  source - Keel-Billed Toucans with long and colorful beak

Scarlet Macaw Parrot in different appealing colors - Image by George Veltchev

American Kestrel sitting over it's prey - Greg Cope

Peacock India's national bird
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