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Loving someone in our lives is a natural phenomena gifted by God. No one can stop themselves from loving their soul mate. It hurts more than anything when we love someone more than our life and that person is not close to us. Everyone has their own opinion about love. Some of us believe that there is no such thing like LOVE. Whereas other think that love is life and there wouldn't be any existence of life without love. Life is meant to love someone deep from your heart without any conditions regardless of their physical appearance and beauty. LOVE means to accept someone with their imperfections and make them feel perfect. Because at the end of the day LOOKS die. Love means to sacrifice your feelings for someones happiness. Some girls are deceived by their boyfriend and they think that life is over and its the end point. Whereas others try to convince or get their love back by sharing some of these emotionally touching and sad wallpapers. All the best for your effort that you are making to get your love back.

I miss you whole heartedly.

 I missed my sweetheart so much :'(
I miss you with a red rose card

Miss her so much pictures 

  Medicated miss you band for the broken heart

   All alone i can't live without her :(

I miss you bands 

Missing you written on seashore / sand

   I miss you so much touchy sayings on a beautiful card

source - Loving her saying images missing u my life

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