10 Funny Global Warning Message in HD Wallpapers

10 best ways to explain Global warming via funny pictures to show that how climate is changing day by day and how environment is going to effect not only human beings but also birds and animals, even affecting all living creatures in this world. It seems that the earth will melt day by day even Antarctica ocean seems to be melt due to extreme warming of earth. Well these all are estimations and predictions that may or may not be true. Following are some extremely funny pictures of Global Warming in HD wallpapers that best represents that whole story. Enjoy !!
Funny wallpaper credit

Funny picture of fish wearing a mask to avoid global warming - source

No more ice cream left only IScream - Image source

Greedy person eating the world Picture source

Funny wallpapers Ice bear painting their body with a black paint brush - source

Funny Statue of liberty drowning in sea because of global warning :P Image credit
Melting penguin on ice cream stick - Image source

Statue of liberty fighting against global warning - Picture source

Global warming cover photo for facebook timeline 2013 - source

Image credit
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