Chand Raat Wallpapers to Greet Chand Raat Mubarak 2012

As a gift of Ramadan ALLAH bless the whole Muslim ummah with cheerful occasion of Eid ul Fitr. On 29th or 30th Ramadan People are excited to see the shawwal moon, as the crescent moon of shawwal sighted all the Muslims first pray then wishes all their loved ones “Chand raat Mubarak” and celebrate each and every moment of chand raat very excitedly and rushes out with friends and family to make this night joyous and most memorable .Celebrations of this glorious night are seen everywhere in the Muslim countries in abundance. Peoples go to their relatives to greet them Chand Mubarak. Sweet dishes and lots of mouth watering dishes are prepared in every house on the last night of Ramadan. Large crowd of guys and kids are seen in shopping mall engaged in Eid shopping while others enjoy exploding fireworks. Girls wear sparkling dresses and seen busy in applying beautiful delicate indian, Arabic desings of henna on their hands and feets and also wear bengales on this night. To share these awesome moments with your loved ones we are presenting here wide range of adorable chand raat greeting wallpapers. Select any from these cards and greet them CHAND RAAT MUBARAK :)

Beautiful moon sighted before Eid on august 2012

Chand raat greeting cards


Eid mubarak wishing cards for august  - source

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We have added link to Eid Mubarak greeting Cards for the year 2012 in advance.
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