Most Beautiful Bedroom Designed according to Theme

Bedroom is the most comfortable place in a house and if it looks weird definitely feels like more tired instead of relaxing. It must be designed according to room elevation. Corners must not be neglected and should designed in such a way that enhance the entire room setting. One theme should be kept in mind and if a question arises what should be the theme color? then the answer must be provided by the person himself who wished to live in that room. If he likes blue color than the room must be with sky blue curtains, blue bed sheet and all blue, if he/she likes red, pink, green or else it must be like that. Keep in mind that bright colors are for children and kids like yellow, light green, pink something like that and you can use combination of these colors as kids like colorful rooms. So consult interior designer for your room setting or YOU can design your room by yourself as this is your life, your room and you need to rest not the designer :P so place things that you love to watch, love to see in all moods.

Following are some designs of bed room settings that are considered to be as most beautifully designed covering all aspects.

Bedroom on a swimming pool with heart shape 

Martina's unique single bed design

Beautiful sky view from your bedroom 

Bedroom decorating ideas & pictures - source

Purple neon lightning under the bed - source

Bedroom under water aquarium - source

Beautiful bedroom designs - source

 - source

 - source
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