Flag raising Girls are seen on India Independence day - 15 Aug India Wallpapers 2012

India the most civilized country where peoples of many different religions and of different states settled got its independence on 15th august 1947. The struggle of getting independence was started from 1857 which became successful in 1947 by the worth of many precious lives in past. The population of +100crore celebrate this day with great spiritual passion and pay tribute to those who sacrificed their precious life for independence of their motherland. National holiday is announced on 15th august so all the educational institutes, banks and all private and government offices are seen closed on this day so that peoples with full freedom celebrate this day. On this day peoples in every state of India are seen in rally forms having national flag raised in their hands with lots of passion in their hearts. National anthem and many other patriotic songs are sung everywhere. Flag raising ceremonies are also seen in the whole country. On this day prime minister hoisted the national flag at red fort Delhi and gave his patriotic speech to the nation in which he remembers those who laid down their lives for the sake of independence.
India day wallpapers
On this day youngsters having their face painted same as the color of the national flag proudly raises the flag and ramble here and there. Girls are also seen wearing clothes and Bengals of the colors same like their flag other are found applying new mehndi designs. The most important activity of Indians on this day is kite flying, thousands of multi colored kites are seen on sky, competitions of kite flying are also held. All the Indians feel proud on their victory of having independent nation and celebrate this glorious event with lots of triumph and make each and every moment of this day unforgettable.

India independence day and vande maataram written card
Vande Maataram beautifully designed flag

Happy independence day wishes with beautiful pencil colors
Sun shine behind the flag of India

I love India so much
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