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Birthdays are like parties having most important thing is to cut the cake and later on clap. Birthday cakes are usually specially ordered because it has written a person name with his age mention via number of candles stubbed on a cake. The tradition is also to give gifts to that birthday boy or birthday girl in order to greet them or to surprise them and to show love, care and affection. Birthdays are now-a-days celebrated on exact 12:00 am as the date changes.

   Special Birthday wish
Well almost every one is able to celebrate his or her birthday every year except few people. I think you got it, yes people having leap year birthday that is who are born on 29th of february, were unable to celebrate their birthday every year as leap year comes after every four years yet no doubt they become old every year. People used to celebrate their religious God the creator of their lives like Christians celebrate Christmas.

Disney wishing birthday

No doubt birthday are special as this is the only day when a person came into being and what i think is "That day is the only day in my life when i cried and my mom smiles a lot". So, it is a special day for me that I am here.

beautiful birtthday cake in red and white for babies, kids and sons

Happy Birthday Love

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 Happy birthday for mom
Purple beautiful Birthday cake for birthday celebration
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