Forest Greenery Captured in Nature's Beauty Wallpapers

Hola! I was thinking to share something related to nature's world since long, but was busy with my exams. Anyways lets head on to the topic, which took an hour to collect these HD images. Before you guys moan and start thinking that what a messy post this is. Let me tell you it's a mixture of wallpapers i have collected from different pages and fans. I have tried my level best to find and add captions to these amazing nature photography wallpapers. Breathe taking slim and long trees in different colors. It's a dream to visit these forest in my life.

I wasn't aware that nature has blessed us with this much beauty. We have to think alot only to pick a colour but nature has already created it long ago. Thanks to some fan pages and to our fans for sharing these beautiful natures images in HD quality. After taking a look at these wallpapers, only expression you'll have Whoa or Wow. Almost every color green, pink, red, orange, purple can be easily found in the forest. Same like divers use to say about inside world down there. Let them know about the one up here ;)

Amazing colored mushrooms and big sized ferns - Marin County

Unbelievable but real nature art 

Cute duck couple in water - Autumn photography - New Hampshire, USA

Sopoaga Falls on edge Wallpaper - Upolu, Samoa

8 colors beauty in Fountain Gardens - Tauranga, New Zealand

Magical Forest with new and old leaf - Sena, Chile

Long trees with silky purple leafs on Jacracanda Street - Sydney, Australia

Amazing Lawn Bed made in someone's lawn

Pink coloured Moss Garden in forest, Saiho-Ji Temple - Kyoto, Japan

Beautiful Entrance in garden with colorful flowers - Provence, France

Butchart Garden is a beautiful multi-color garden - British Columbia, Canada

Long trees in Bamboo Forest - Arashiyama, Kyoto. Japan.

Fern Forest - Jamaica
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