Sad Wallpapers for Broken heart to Taunt those who Betray

It's true that you like all weathers even the sunny and shiny when you were really happy from your heart, when you have everything you desire for, when you are mentally and physically healthy but when you are sad by heart you don't care for anything, you don't even think about others and the things happening around you. Some of these sad cards having true facts which can be use to taunt your lover.

Sadness is the thing that kills you like a slow poison that seems invisible but it kills you, your happiness, your dreams, your wishes, your present and also your future.The best and the most affected solution of Pain and Sadness is 'Time'. Time heals almost everything just the need is "Give Time Sometime". I have placed some good quality sad wallpapers for you all to put on your display pics and let him/her know about your sad world.

 Indeed heart never forgets.
 You never loved me, don't know why am i having the feeling

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 True quote about today's world feelings for love.

 I hope atleast now you will understand me.

 Sad wallpapers - betrayer world
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