Birthday Greeting Cards VS FETE Birthday Cards

A day which is as ordinary as every single useless day for this World but it depends on that BORN CHILD whether to make his day an extraordinary one or not. Your Birthday is special because you are incredibly awesome. I wish that you become that ONE IN A MILLION who makes himself a gift and blessing for everyone he is linked with. May your day be celebrated as a symbol of FETE because Allah sent you on this Planet. No one can ever calculate those feelings of excitement, happiness and of being lucky to have a little angel in their arms. Now it's your turn to return them again those feelings of being the luckiest parents of this world to have a child like you. And the reminder to perform this task is your BIRTHDAY. So just don't only celebrate it but also work hard to make yourself SPECIAL for everyone. These Birthday Greeting Cards are collected from anonymous users/fans.

Birthday Greeting Cards with lemon juice and wishes

Birthday greeting cards with rose and flowers

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