Burj Khalifa Amazing Views from All Around

Burj khalifa is world's 3rd tallest building situated in Dubai having 166 floors and 2,699 feet high. For the year 2013 World's tallest building is Kingdom Tower can be found here! Beautiful fountains of Burj Al khalifa has there own amazing soundtrack system. Long green trees covered Burj Khalifa's basement walls with beautiful trees. There are many shopping mall like Dubai mall and other places Aqua water park, Atlantis Aquarium and Burj Al Arab. If you want anything at cheaper rate you can buy from expo center or Dubai sale. Elevators in Burj Khalifa goes up in 60 seconds only. You can enjoy a lot when you visit the burj khalifa the suits of Burj khalifa are very luxurious there are swimming pool in burj khalifa you can visit with your friends, family for celebration of anything in restaurant of burj khalifa. You can take your picture infront of Burj khalifa but they wont allow a car to stop or get parked. Driver should keep driving his car or taking rounds even if he don't want to drive because the security wont allow. The background is very attraction and you can have fun with friends because there are different kind of games. There are beautiful apartments, suites, clubs and a grill from where you can look at the gorgeous view from the top.

Tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Shining Burj tower front and top view picture

Burj Khalifa's HD image by Waqas

 source - Mid night view of Burj Khalifa

Burj khalifa in Wallpapers
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