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I Love You the most beautiful three word in English but instead of this i like another four words that are I love you too which gives you such a beautiful feelings that you can't imagine if you never heard these words before. Love is the most warm feelings, an emotion full of strong affections ever heard either love of parents and kids, brother and sister love, husband and wife love, friends love whatever but love is love it force you to share everything with your lover without considering words, sentences, situation just share it.

To share your love doesn't only mean by expressing these three words you can share, you can express by any style any way you feel comfortable. Different people have different ways to express their love. Few send love pictures, some gives flowers like roses and others have much much different and unique ideas. Love has a great religious, psychological and philosophical history based on a very strong facts and figures. Almost every religion describe love in its own way.

I Love you more than anyone colorful rainbow love
When you are in love every color looks beautiful

blue rose i love you card

I love you with red heart and red rose and petals
I love you with couple wishes

I love you cards free
Beautiful love u wallpaper

I love you lyrics

Red roses with water drops

Pink love roses

I love u 2
i love u too

i luv u

more heart shaped love images

teddy bear wishing love you

All Love pictures are collected from source : Rose Lover
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