Windows 7 Wallpaper Average Size for Desktop Background | 16+ Windows Wallpapers

From past few weeks I was thinking to make a post on desktop wallpapers. As everyone knows it's winter season* at my end. I found myself a bit lazy in updating posts. Finally got a chance on this weekend, So i thought to post some Windows 7 wallpapers with nice graphics for your desktop. I am personally in love with windows 7. My operating system compatibility is not that better but windows 7 gave a new life to it. Simply lightweight and faster way better than xp. I am pretty sure that every 3rd person is having windows 7 installed whether he or she is anywhere in this globe.

Windows wallpapers gave a classy look on our desktop. Light color in windows wallpaper help us to stay cool and calm. I have shared both light and dark windows 7 wallpapers. You are already here now its up to you to pick any windows 7 wallpaper from here. There are no restrictions for windows xp, 98 or vista users even they can use them as background image. Bookmark this post as our next post will be on Windows 8
wallpapers. These windows 7 images are HD in size click to enlarge.

Windows 7 Wallpapers

These windows 7 Images are collected from this source : Freakify
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