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Creative Windows 8 wallpapers are available here it becomes trend that whenever new windows releases even before its release date their wallpapers either leaked or official came into being. People with creative ideas and skills start working on them which sometimes seems average but sometimes they attracts you to download them. But when it comes to windows wallpapers they are always in the form of three styles either beautiful windows 8 wallpapers or amazing with background scenery and yes funny windows wallpapers that really create interest for the user. Its all because there are many types of people in this world few love adventurers and few never want to face them that's what creative minds represent their thinking in their art that is an extra-ordinary talent. No matter few people take their art as nothing special but few appreciate the same thing that's actually all depends on human mind. This is why we gather some different wallpapers for windows 8 differ in color schemes, illustrations and styles.Whoop whoop don't forget to have a look on our previous post on Windows 7 wallpapers.

Windows 8 hd logo

Windows 8 wallpapers with amazing circle logo

Unique design windows wallpaper for gamers 

Windows 8 wallpaper in light color 

windows 8 new wallpapers in red color

Windows 8 funny wallpaper 

below you can see Windows 8 official logo
 Windows 8 facebook cover
We have collected these windows 8 images from windows8beta while some other picture's credit goes to their respective creators.
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