Baby Shower Cakes and Christening Cake Pictures to Greet in 2013

What the term "baby shower" actually means? It is the way to celebrate the pending and recent birth of the first baby to welcome him/her in a family. It is also referred as to shower happiness to pregnant women with all blessings. Usually it is celebrated with a party having beautiful decorations with unique ideas and specially ordered baby shower cakes with cold drinks and many other foods/fruits. Only women were invited to the party no men are allowed. Basically the main aim of this baby shower cake party was to share the wisdom and lessons of becoming a mother to other women.

It is not a religious event just a simple event that seems not compulsion having no set of rules. Some viewed it as party for women only other don't bother. This baby shower cake party is allowed to held anywhere anytime even either before baby's birth or after baby's birth. If it was celebrated after the baby has came to this world then the baby is also being invited to the party to show other.

This baby shower cake party is celebrated in the European countries while in some countries it is being referred as the "women-only" social gathering. In Brazil it is referred as "chá de bebê" means "baby-tea". In China it is well known as "manyue" (满月) and is being held after one month of baby delivery.

christening cakes for boys colored in blue topping and 2 tired

baby shower boys cake welcome baby chase with baby diaper

baby shower boys cake 3 tire cake combination of blue and white with footprints

baby shower cake for girls in pink 2 tire

baby shower cake for girls

baby shower cake for unknown gender

specially decorated baby shower cake ideas

New 2013 christening cakes for girls

baby shower new unique ideas for the year 2013

baby shower cake for twin girls

In Islam the celebration known as "aqiqah" which is quite different from a baby shower party as this celebration include all family members male and female plus all relatives. This celebration is after baby born and is for all children birth. The cake is not compulsion even not fetch instead of this animals are sacrificed to thank God for HIS blessings and giving a beautiful baby.

baby shower cake for twin boys 

christening cakes to greet

baby shower cake for twins new ideas

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