Colorful Holi Celebration Pictures Live on 27th March

As an Indian it feels sad to even think of celebrating HOLI with so many arrangements for HOLI DANCE or any such Color throwing on the year 2013. "Color throwing" yep! i will say it a color throwing occasion, Because if we have a look on our state more than 50% are facing worst drought. There are many places like "Maharashtra" where people are getting water only once after a gap of 10 days. Well even i am not a social worker, i am not even asking you to become one. Its a normal thing we all aware of. On each holi event nearly "200 liter" is consumed to make our holi more joyous and happy. I am not asking you to don't celebrate and starting feeling that finally we've done a big sacrifice for others. Its just keep their situation in your mind and do what easily you can do for your neighbors. Holi is one the biggest event celebrated by us 'Indians'. Instead of making our self busy in Holi arrangements, we should have to take decision to make them feel easy at least on 'Holi'. Trust me this Happy Holi is gonna become more happier if we start caring for others too.

We should go to other part of our state to greet Holi, so that they will be standing beside us on our tough times. Some well designed Holi Cards selected and shared below. Up to you where to post these colorful Holi Greetings.

Amazing glow light effects on Holi wallpapers

Colorful parrot on holi
Colorful Holi wishes 2013

Hindi Holi greeting cards
Happy holi wishes in many colors

Colorful Holi Hands stamped on walls

Holi wishes and greetings 2013

Holi wishes cards

Holi greeting cards

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