Reflection in Water Photography by Photographer

Photography is my favorite passion and wherever i saw some beautiful photos i used to save it in my computer. Photographer are so many in this century but if you try to filter out good photographers you have to think twice even have to search and spent lot of time to figure them. People of 21st century just bought a high fi camera like Canon and Nikon start capturing nature pictures and trying to publish it thus think that they become a photographer but that's not true. Being a photographer you have to show your passion, show that angle and perception of picture from your camera that was unable to see from a layman eye. Having a high quality camera and capturing HD pictures is not a big deal but having a low quality or normal camera and capturing best pictures is actually known as Photography.

Following are some pictures beautiful HD high quality pictures captured by real enthusiastic professional photographers who devoted their life in this field and representing reflection images,  collected by my friend i hope you like it and would love to share as i do.

Sunset reflection photography really awesome 

Ducks reflection in water a photography - source

sceneries are the most wanted photos HD quality

Chess knights, king, queen, horse colorful reflection photography - souce

Date tree reflection on a tall glass building as well as helicopter reflection - source

Everyone of us tried this? but never think of taking a snap - source

Beautifully captured looks like mirror - Credit: Trey Ratcliff
Taj Mahal India reflection in water

Reflection in Water Photography by Photographer and good use of effects- source

Beautiful lake view reflection photograph - source

Winter leaves reflection in water Photgraphy

too good usage of lightening and awesome way of taking snapshot

I just say wow- source

Reflection in Water Photography by Photographer

Reflection in Water Photography by Photographer- source
strawberry fruit reflection in water

Amazing creative idea of capturing bottles in glasses - source 
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