Saudi National Day 2015 events taken in Quality images

Freedom is a celebrated and appreciated by every being on this planet. Be it animals, birds, plants or we human beings. Freedom is the essence of life. we can practice our religious and other activities without any fear and boundaries. Talking about freedom and living in Saudi Arabia the national day falls on 23 of September. Saudi locals and even expatriates anxiously wait for this special day. People plan to go out and have fun. Some people head towards beaches while others go to different malls around the city.

Happy Saudi National Day 2015

People wait until midnight and after that you will most probably find heavy traffic on roads. Many people spend money to decorate their cars with green and white balloons and ribbons to show their love for their country. Mostly people are seen wearing white and green clothing. In jeddah they write 'Kalima' with massive fireworks on the sky and through laser lights on the red sea beach.

Saudi flag on national day

2015 Saudi National Day Images

Supplications for the better future of the nation and country are made in mosques throughout the country. Patriotic songs are played in malls and cars. Government sectors wish their employees by gifting them with additional one month extra salary. Recreational places like parks and beaches are full of crowd.
Saudi national day wishes

Saudi day wishes

Saudi national day 2015 images

Happy saudi national day

King on flag national day

Happy Saudi day

Saudi flag on national day

Saudi national day 2015 image

Saudi day wishes 2015

National day saudi flag

2015 Saudi national day

Happy Saudi National day

2015 saudi celebration

guys sitting on top of the car

Decorated cars on saudi national day 2015

green card on saudi national day 2015

crowd on saudi national day

sports bikes on saudi national day

Happy national day 2015

national day wishes 2015
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