Oct 20, 2016

A true story of 'Chai wala' and 'Wheelchair wala'

Hello friends, As you all can see one of our brother 'Chai wala' is on trending these days. I want to share "Wheelchair wala's" story with you guys.

My name is Naveed, i met an accident back in 2008, which left me a chest down paralyzed person. Its been 8 years since i'm a 'Wheelchair wala' guy. It was hard in the beginning, as this 'Wheelchair wala' don't have a brother. At the time of accident my lungs got collapse. I was having a tracheostomy tube inserted in between my collar. Because of that tube I wasn't unable to speak for the first year. As my injury level is high, i often have urine infection and bed sore issues.

This 'Wheelchair wala' is a freelance web designer. He have learnt CSS, PHP and JavaScript by surfing the internet. I have no control over my fingers, but i often type 4 to 5000 lines of coding to complete a theme. I have published 60 templates for blogs, e-commerce, video blogs and portal style themes. My effort can be seen at bloggertheme9.com

I have tried to reach Mashable, CNN, TheHuffington, BBC, Businessinsider, Dawn, TheTelegraph and DailyMail. Some refused to write about me and other didn't even responded. I am very happy to see our 'Chai wala' brother on all these big blogs. I wish and pray for his success and bright future. I guess there was nothing worth sharing in this Wheelchair wala's story.

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